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Friends of the Library






Are you interested in helping the library?  Please join us.

The Friends of the Cobleigh Library are looking for help with fundraising projects. With a small number of volunteers, we work year round raising money to keep the Bookmobile on the road visiting daycares and other facilities where people cannot get out to the library.
Because it has become increasingly difficult for us to find people to help, we are challenging those of you who make use of the library to think about giving two hours of your time to at least one of the following fundraisers this year.
February: Love your Library Bake Sale
September  Coin Drop
June-October: We work sorting and organizing books for the Book Sale.
Selling raffle tickets culminating at the book sale!
October (Columbus Day weekend): Setting up and working during the annual Book Sale.
If you want to accept the challenge, please stop by the library and sign up for two hours of time donated to one of the above fundraisers.
Please join us in support of the Cobleigh Public Library.
The Friends of the Cobleigh Library


Looking for more Friends!
A few years ago, a small group of dedicated people formed the Friends of the Cobleigh Library, Inc. They raise money by selling tickets for the Cabin Fever Basket and Life’s a Beach Summer Basket and a book sale in the fall.  Although this brings in several hundred dollars, there is still a need to raise more money to help support the library.  The Friends have also been helping with the Coin Drop.
Approximately 75% of the funding for the library comes from the Town of Lyndon.  Other funds come from grants, donations, appeal letters, and interest from investments.  The bookmobile is not funded by the tax appropriations.
What can you do to help?
You can join the FRIENDS group!  More members will lead to more new ideas.    Membership forms are at the main circulation desk at the library.


Carol Ketcham and Nancy Berge–Founding Forces of the Friends of the Cobleigh Library.

Carol Ketcham (left) and Nancy Berge (right)
Carol Ketcham passed away suddenly on Saturday, March 12, 2011.  Carol was a core foundation of the Friends of the Cobleigh Library, Inc. and more than that she was a friend to all of us.  Carol worked hard for all our communities and she was dedicated to making things better.  She did this through her work, quietly, and without any fanfare.  She worked hard and with great intelligence and organizational skills.  Carol’s fiery independence inspired us all.  Her love, kindness, and generosity to humans, animals and birds will be missed as well as her jokes and many smiles.  Nancy Berge passed away December 29, 2015.  She was part of the foundation for the Friends.  A former librarian, Nancy, brought her knowledge, her dedication, her organizational skills and her love of libraries to the Friends of the Library.  Nancy’s kindness and encouragement will be missed as well as her smile.

About the Friends of the Cobleigh Library

Friends of the Cobleigh Library is dedicated to promoting literacy through the Cobleigh Public Library and bookmobile, Books on Wheels II.  They work to enhance its resources, programs and services.

The Friends of the Cobleigh Library is a private organization created to work with the Cobleigh Public Library staff and Board of Trustees.  All fundraising by the Friends will be in accordance with Cobleigh policy and with the approval of the Board of Trustees.

Goals of the Friends:

  • Broaden community involvement and stimulate awareness of Lyndonville’s public library and bookmobile.
  • Assist with fundraising to benefit both the Cobleigh Public Library and the bookmobile general operating budgets.
  • Encourage volunteers to assist with projects, activities, special programs and events.
  • Provide volunteer assistance to staff and trustees so that they meet their goals of service to the community.
  • Acquire special items requested by the Cobleigh Public Library and/or the bookmobile which cannot be purchased from the operating budget.

Membership shall be open to all individuals interested in the well-being of the Cobleigh Public Library.

The organization keeps its own checking account and bookkeeping system.  Membership dues shall be made payable to the Friends of the Cobleigh Library.  Money raised by the Friends is used for expenses incurred by the organization and for other discretionary expenditures approved by the Executive Committee.