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Ask the Librarian

1. Does the library have home delivery to those who cannot use the library?
The library delivers books on a bimonthly basis to house bound individuals. Call the library, 626-5475, if you would like this service either temporarily or on a regular basis.

2. Does the Library have public access computers? Can I use the computers for internet, word processing, etc.?
All the computers in the library have internet access for public use. Word processing and other applications (Excel, etc.) are also available. There are time limits if there is a waiting line for computer use. The Cobleigh Library is also a WIFI hotspot with wireless access.

3. Can I get a book from another library if you do not have the books I want?
The library participates in the Vermont Automated Library System of interlibrary loan service. You can search our catalog and then the state system or come into the library and request the item you want.  Feel free to request by phone, 626-5475, or email,, too.

4. Is there a story hour for preschoolers? Baby/toddlers? What days and time is this offered?
Check the calendar of events on this site for day/time of story hours for different age groups.


5. Can I learn how to use computers at the library?
Computer classes are held on Thursday mornings at 10:00 am. Call the library to reserve a space.

6. Can I take the GED exam at the library? Is there a tutoring program at the library?
GED testing is now online.  If you wish to take a test, please call us at 626-5475 and we’ll see if we can arrange it, or call 748-5624.       Tutoring is offered on Monday, 1:30 – 3:00 pm by Northeast Kingdom Learning services.

7. Are there any after school activities for children – elementary school age and teens?
Check the events calendar for special programs.  Call the library, 626-5475, for more information.

8. Does the library have information about other services in town?
The library is an information center for the Lyndon Area Chamber of Commerce and town agencies. There are pamphlets available in the main area, posters for current events, and information about area resources for all ages.

9. What areas or towns does the bookmobile visit? When?
The bookmobile schedule is available on this site. We are always open to suggestions for additional site visits.

10. Can our non-profit groups meet at the library? How do I schedule a meeting?
If your groups or agency would like to hold a meeting/workshop at the library, call to arrange day/time for a meeting.  The meetings must be accessible to the public and educational in nature.

11. Is the library handicapped accessible?
Yes there are two handicapped accessible parking spaces on the Main St. side of the library and the elevator is accessible through the Main St. entrance. The elevator serves all three floors and bathrooms are ADA approved.

12. Does the library accept book donations?
Yes, the library does accept book donations of clean used books.  The library does not accept text books, encyclopedias, or Reader’s Digest Condensed books.

13.  How do I tell the value of my books?
The library cannot put a value on books, but the following web site may be helpful.