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The Plus Side of Life for People 50 and Up.

This article was published in February 2010 by WebMD Health News:
Wii Games Speed Stroke Rehab: Active Video Games Help Stroke Survivors Regain Arm Strength in Study by Charlene Laino.

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National Council on Aging Economic Security Update

Answers on Aging for Professionals



Dick Boera celebrating his 83rd birthday.




From left to right in the back row Bob Shea, Carol Ketcham (peeking), Nancy Berge, Claudette Chartier, Leslie Gensburg, Virginia Downs, and Ruth Nurenberg.  Center row Anna Jarry and John Jarry.  Front row Dorian McGowan, Winston, Ellen Doyle, Naomi Bossom and Sara Simpson.  Esther Gray is missing from the photo.  These dedicated volunteers help the library do everything!



The years after the children are grown and the job is done are years, for some, of finding a new life span where there is still health.  Most mature people are healthier than ever before and people in general are living longer, healthier lives.  Some, with time on their hands, are finding new careers, new businesses, time to travel, civic engagement, volunteering, raising grand children or some still must work to make ends meet.  Vibrant people living a life far from over are engaging in the growth of a new human dimension or life span.  What does this mean in your life?

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Alzheimer’s diagnostic guidelines updated for first time in decades