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Curbside services


Curbside Services

Call in your request 626-5475, email us at or place a hold through our catalog with your library card number.  If you need help, please contact us.  A subject request is fine, as is asking for recommendations.  All items such as DVDs, CDs as well as books can be included in your order.  Please view our catalog at  The “search your catalog” button is in the upper right hand corner.  Please note that if an item is listed in the catalog with a BW under “shelf location” it is on the Bookmobile and it may take longer to fill that request.

Once your request is ready, the library staff will call you. When you are ready to pick up your items, please come to the library, stay in your vehicle, and call into the library.  Open your trunk, and if you don’t have one, open your far right back window.  Library staff will come and place your order into your vehicle.  No contact delivery!  If you wish to speak with us, please use the telephone, not when we are delivering. 

If you want to return items, please do so through the book drop.  Thanks so much!